No joke, Dogecoin is just a joke.

Its creators took a copy and paste of the Bitcoin code, tweaked a few details, and added an Iba Shinu dog logo for fun.

It has had virtually no technological innovation or development in seven years.

There are no MIT professors advocating it…

The following is an attempt to make sense of the evolving cryptocurrency space as we inevitably move toward a future in which digital currencies are the norm:

Bitcoin (BTC): Digital Gold 2.0

Bitcoin, with a finite supply hard-coded into its decentralized framework and a lower inflation rate than all fiat…

I woke up yesterday to find my personal net worth was down 15% overnight in USD terms thanks to a steep decline in the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the cryptocurrencies I regard as high value investments and I really could not have cared less.

Maybe it…

In wake of recent events pertaining to the deplatforming of the President of the United States on both Facebook and Twitter, as well as Amazon, Apple, and Google’s take down of alternative media sites utilized by his supporters, the future may seem bleak to some right now and excessively positive…

In 2017, the question everyone asked was “Can I buy a cup of coffee with bitcoin?” suggesting it was useless if you could not.

Nowadays, in early 2021, everyone wants to say Bitcoin is just a store of value, an inflation hedge like Gold.

It is as if Bitcoin has…

Bitcoin is not a Stock. It doesn’t represent a corporation. It doesn’t produce income, report earnings, or have a CEO. Anyone, including Warren Buffet, who tries to analyze Bitcoin as a stock will clearly miss its value.

Bitcoin’s price is a number that can be watched like a stock and…

Eric Cassidy

American Investor and Entrepreneur — Specializing in Real Estate and Cryptocurrency

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